1: 1. Choose quality tuna for protein-packed punch. 2. Add crunch with diced celery and red onions.

2: 3. Creamy texture, use Greek yogurt instead of mayo. 4. Enhance flavor with Dijon mustard and lemon juice.

3: 5. Opt for whole grain bread to boost fiber intake. 6. Top with avocado slices for healthy fats.

4: 7. Spice it up with a dash of black pepper. 8. Layer on fresh spinach leaves for added nutrients.

5: 9. Enjoy a satisfying and nutritious breakfast on-the-go. 10. Pack extra for a quick and easy lunch option.

6: 11. Reduce sodium by using low-salt ingredients. 12. Customize with your favorite herbs and seasonings.

7: 13. Swap traditional sandwich for lettuce wraps. 14. Keep it light with a side of fresh fruit.

8: 15. Experiment with different types of tuna for variety. 16. Stay energized throughout the morning with this meal.

9: 17. Prepare ahead of time for a stress-free morning. 18. Discover the secret to a delicious and guilt-free tuna salad sandwich.