1: 1. Keep your dog cool with frozen treats 2. Use a baby gate to create a doggy play area

2: 3. Remove pet hair with a squeegee 4. Make a DIY dog bed with old pillows

3: 5. Freeze a Kong toy for a long-lasting treat 6. Use coconut oil for a shiny coat

4: 7. Use a shower caddy to organize dog supplies 8. Prevent digging with chicken wire in your yard

5: 9. Use a muffin tin for portion control at mealtime 10. DIY paw balm for cracked paws

6: 11. Use a shower cap to keep water out of ears 12. Use an apple slicer to make quick treats

7: 13. Use a pool noodle as a doggy doorstop 14. Keep your dog entertained with a puzzle toy

8: 15. Use a carabiner to secure leash to a chair 16. Use a tennis ball to prevent water bowl spills

9: 17. Use a kitchen scale to monitor food intake 18. Keep your dog entertained with a frozen towel toy