1: Curd and yoghurt are both dairy products, but there are some key differences between them.

2: Curd is made by curdling milk with an acidic substance, while yoghurt is made by fermenting milk with specific bacteria.

3: Curd tends to be more watery and has a mild flavor, while yoghurt is thick and tangy due to the fermentation process.

4: Yoghurt also contains more probiotics, which are beneficial for gut health, whereas curd does not have as many.

5: Both curd and yoghurt are rich in calcium and protein, making them excellent choices for a healthy diet.

6: Curd is commonly used in Indian cuisine, while yoghurt is more popular in Western cultures.

7: In terms of texture and taste, curd and yoghurt may be used interchangeably in some recipes, but their production methods differ.

8: Ultimately, whether you choose curd or yoghurt comes down to personal preference and dietary needs.

9: Now that you know the difference between curd and yoghurt, you can make informed choices when selecting dairy products for your meals.