1: Introduction Feeling bloated? Learn why it happens and how to fix it.

2: Overeating Eating too much can lead to bloating. Try smaller meals.

3: Swallowing Air Chewing gum or drinking through a straw can cause bloating. Be mindful.

4: Food Sensitivities Certain foods like dairy or gluten can trigger bloating. Consider an elimination diet.

5: Lack of Water Dehydration can lead to bloating. Drink more water daily.

6: Stress High stress levels can affect digestion. Practice relaxation techniques.

7: Slow Digestion Poor digestion can lead to bloating. Try probiotics or digestive enzymes.

8: Lack of Exercise Physical activity can aid digestion. Incorporate regular exercise into your routine.

9: Conclusion Beat bloating by addressing these common causes. Enjoy a happier, healthier belly.